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Almidon Selecta – manioc for baking Chipa – 500g


Manioc flour 500g Manioc flour is the main product obtained from the cassava root. It is used as a binding substance for cooking. Manioc has culinary properties similar to those of wheat. It has high nutritional values, very light and easy to digest. Especially good for those who are allergic to gluten. In the kitchen … Continue reading Almidon Selecta – manioc for baking Chipa – 500g

Bomba Amazonas 19cm


The Bomba is typically used in Brazil and is characterized by its big, round filter. Because of the size of the Bomba, it is recommended to use with Cuias and bigger Calabazas. Material: Stainless steel Lenght: 19 cm Diameter of the filter: around 3 cm Shape: Curved Removable filter: no

Bombilla Cuchara (15,5cm) – stainless steel


Bombilla Cuchara (15,5cm) material: stainless steel length: 15,5cm form: curved removable filter: no

Bombilla Cuchara 19,5 cm


Bombilla Cuchara 19,5 cm material: stailess steel length: 19cm form: curved removable filter: yes

Bombilla Sierra stainless (16,5cm)


Bombilla Sierra inox. (16,5cm) – Stainless Steel Stainless steel drinking pipe for the Mate cup with some parts on bronze. Its filter system is built with three pieces, protected by a fine interior layer and a spring which keeps the Yerba Mate leaves from being ingested and the drinking pipe from being obstructed. Easy to … Continue reading Bombilla Sierra stainless (16,5cm)

Calabaza con Virola labrada (dark brown)


Mate-Cup from Argentina made of pumpkin. Simple and ideal for the daily use. The upper part is surrounded with decorated metal. It is a natural product – the sizes and colours could be different. While using the mate-cup a discolouration of the pumkin takes place. This is a natural process which occurs through the absorption … Continue reading Calabaza con Virola labrada (dark brown)

Chimichurri- Yuspe 50g


Chimichurri 50g Just mix it with water and a bit of oil! It gives grilled meat a kick in the taste. You can use it with any meat (pork, chicken, fish) or for baking potatoes. Ingredients: ground chilli, parsley, dried garlic, oregano, paprika spice, pepper, laurel Allergens: – Origin: Argentina Storage: store in a cool … Continue reading Chimichurri- Yuspe 50g